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I am your local pool and spa specialist catering for every aspect of ensuring that your pool or spa runs efficiently and to your satisfaction.  My aim is to make sure your pool is sparkling clean whilst being safe and ready for you to use and enjoy at any time.

A perfect pool or spa can require a lot of work and maintenance, so together, we can make the right decisions to suit your requirements. This will allow you the time to relax and enjoy your pool or spa.

I can offer a weekly, fortnightly or monthly pool cleaning service along with any maintenance or repairs you require.  I'm just a call away when your pool or spa needs my attention or cleaning.​​

See below for a range of the services I provide ....

Sparkling, clean and clear

Regular Services

At Holders Pool & Spa Services

 I am committed to providing the best cleaning services possible to keep your pool, spa or hot tub looking clean, clear and sparking. I offer everything from chemical checks, skimmer and pump basket cleaning to filter backwash. This will get rid of unsightly algae, harmful bacteria and debris to ensure it stays clean and bright.

During servicing I may be able to identify any small problems that might need attention before they become major ones.

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Chemical Services

Chemicals keep your pool, spa or hot tub safe by removing harmful bacteria and other contaminants from the water. Your water will become unsafe without the  correct amount and mix of chemicals. Your water may not only be harmful but it could also irritate your eyes and skin making your swimming experience unsafe and unpleasant.

It is also important to check the total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels. This will ensure that your water is the cleanest and safest  possible.

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I can take care of all your servicing and repairing needs.

This includes pumps, filters, lights,

liners, roller covers etc

Contact Holders Pool & Spa Services to make sure that your system and equipment are working properly all year round.

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Services and products at a glance

Look below to see which one suits you best :

Basic Weekly Service

Check water balance

Empty baskets

Backwash filter

Vacuum if necessary

Fortnightly Service

Check water balance

Empty baskets

Brush & vacuum pool

Skim debris from surface

Backwash filter

Monthly Service

Check water balance

Empty basket

Skim debris from surface

Brush & vacuum pool

Backwash filter

One-Stop Visit

Cleaning pool,

spa or hot tub

from £50

Leak Detection

Initial survey to check for minor or visible damage. Testing equipment to locate leak. Repairs carried out once quotation agreed upon

Green Pool Remedy

It will take 2 days - 2 weeks

Shock treatment

balance pool water

Vacuum & backwash

Sit back and relax while I look after your pool